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Wedding Favour Box Cakes

Cake Gems & Toppers
Cake Gems & Toppers
Favour Box Cake Designs
Wedding Cake Boxes & Favours
Wedding Favours
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This page has some of our latest designs in cake Gems and toppers, for that moden chic touch cake gems and feather toppers are ideal and they work perfectly with wedding box cakes.

Our newest range of Gem & feather boquet's will be available soon.

Gold wire cake topper
cake topper.jpg
dressed with red gems

black beaded spray
beaded cake topper.jpg

Feathers and burst sprays
feather cake topper.jpg

feather sprays
feather toppers.jpg
& power gems

buterfly feather topper
cake toppers.jpg

beaded feather spray
cake toppers.jpg

cinnimon topper


For more information, please phone
Marina on 01842 820806
or email

Magic Moment Sales

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