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Wedding Favour box cakes in fabulous designs and colours. Available throughout Essex and Norfolk. Handmade wedding cake boxes arranged into a wedding cake....... 

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wedding box cake

244 Handmade celest blue 7 tier wedding cake
wedding favour box cakes .jpg
This is the only one of its date

This unique 7 tier favour box wedding cake, consists of 244 Handmade boxes, dressed with butterflies,silver trim and feathers,all filled with cake slices.Price includes a  7 tier cake stand,a feather & silver butterfly topper and a free cutting cake.This wedding cake is available in a 4 tier from 450 and 7 tier is offered at 850.These prices exclude any special offers.

Pink favour box cakes .jpg

Brown favor box cakes.jpg

wedding box cake.jpg

wedding box cake.jpg

wedding box cake.jpg



There are all manner of different design and colour combinations of these favour box wedding cakes. For more examples please phone or email

wedding cake slice boxes.jpg


serviettes and confetti wrap.jpg

Serviette confetti cone or wrap


For more information, please phone
Marina on 01842 820806
or email

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